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New School Magazine

Dear School Community:
We are proud to present to you our Digital Annual School Magazines, years 2016 and 2017. In them you will be able to take a look at all school activities of the year.
We have decided to make it digital so it is accesible to all families.
We hope you enjoy it!

Download our Annual School Magazine HERE!

Recent News

Student Day 2018

Students is what drives all our everyday work and efforts…May 11th was the day that we celebrated them! We began their Day welcoming them in Movie Costumes! Thier faces showed how thrilled they were to see their teachers in such funny costumes! Then, parents helped us so taht they could enjoy a great breakfast with thier classmates. Teachers dedicated a video to them and finally they enjoyed different activities and games that the Parents Council organised for them.

Thank you all who collabotaed so this was a special day for each one of our students!

Book Week

We are very proud, as Spanish Language Department, of having celebrated such a successful Book Week. We organised several activities where students could see the importance of reading and books.

Students decorated their classroom doors inspired in thier reading titles, and some others participated in a Creative Writing Contest. Others, displayed information regarding relevant poets and writers. The little ones created poems and acrostics.

To finish the week, there was an assembly where prizes where given to classes and individual students, and Infant school students coem disguised as literary characters!

Thank you everyone for the enthusiasm, commitment and participation…that was made the event a great success!!!
Spanish Department

Sculpture Workshop

Learning through art offers students the cahnce to devolop skills such as creativity, reflection and expression.

Creating and experimneting is what students in this workshop have been doing. In this first proyect, and using scotchtape as artistic material, students have been covering objects and body parts in plastic film and then scotch tape to create the interseting figures that you can see in the pictures.

The first sculpture was created by Camila and Vicente Bahamondes, and the second one by Colomba de Heeckeren,Ignacia Menares and Adriano Díaz. Keep up the good work!
Miss Mabel Araya (Art and Technology teacher).

Hold on to your kids: Relating with our children

We invite all parents to participate in this interesting Lecture. Gordon Neufeld, Canadian psychologist, with vast experience in parent-son/daughter relationship is coming to Chile. He will be speaking about the role of parents, frustration, empathy and many other interesting topics.

The lecture will be held at Dunalastair Las Condes ( Las Condes 11931) May 8th and 9th ( you choose one day ) between 19:30 and 21:30, the cost is $5000 per person.
To inscribe mail: capacitacionesmaha@gmail.com, phone number: 9 4 2929906 – 22 9804397

First Trekking 2018

Last Friday April 20th, we had our Fisrt Trekking. From Pre kinder to IV medio, students and teachers visited Santuario de la Naturaleza.
A great experience in contact with nature and students of all ages…team work and leadership were part of the adventure.
Thank you all for an amazing experience!

Community Service
We have already started with a campaign to collect food for an Elderly Home called Los Aromos.
Here is the list of food that each class has to bring this month.
Let’s help others and teach our children solidarity!


III and IV medio Students at Encuentro Evoluciona

Last Wednesday, April 4th, our students participated in the event organised by Pre-Universitario Pedro de Valdivia and America Solidaria. Students could also explore different career universities.

Catholic Holy Week in School

Last Thursday , March 29th we celebrated Holy Week as a school community. $th Graded celebrated “Last Supper” and the rest of students from PG to 4th Grade sang songs to accompany. Later that day, all students in their groups shared a symbolic “Last Supper”.


Prevention Programme

Commited to helping our youngsters in the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, we have joined Universidad de Chile and Municipalidad de Lo Barnechea in an investigation and action plans to work with our students.

First Days of School

This past March 1st  school begun for all of our students. The little ones were full of expectaitions and really happy to be here!!!