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Recent News

Welcome Event 2019
5th to IV Medio

Dear New families, we welcome you to our school and inform you that in order to support and welcome all our new students , we have organised a welcome event on Friday March 1st (10:00 a 11:30) so that students can meet their teachers and each other!


IV Medio Graduation Ceremony

On December 11th, we celebrated our IV Medio Graduation Ceremonies with the students and their families.

It has been a long journey for each one of our students but we are really proud of everything they have achieved. Thanks to each one of them for all  the experiences lived this and all the previous years! All the best to our IV medio 2018!

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End of Year Ceremonies

On December 12th, we celebrated two important closing ceremonies, in the morning Kinder Graduation and 1st to 4th Grade Prize Giving Ceremony. That same day, in th evening, was the turn of 5th to III Medio Prize Giving Ceremony too. In both, we awarded prizes to students who achieved importnat academic and personal goals, congratulations to all those students who are an example to the rest of our community!

Well done and see you in March!

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First Communion 2018

Last December 1st, some of our 4th Grade students celebrated their First Communion in Virgen Peregrina parish.

After a whole year of preparation in charge of Miss Magdalena Cristi, children participated of a beautiful ceremony where students were accompanied by their families.

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Kermesse 2018

Our school families are our partners, with them we educate our children so thay become the best pesons they can be!
Each year, the school community gathers in the Kermesse , organised by the Parents Council, to have fun, and get to know each other. This year’s was a success!

We enjoyed activities and lovely food from our foreign families: Mexico, Brasil, Peru, Korea and Venezuela were present with thier incredible dishes!

Thanks to all students and parenst who participated so enthusistically in this activity!
Specially to Parents Council for their dedication and love!

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Sports Day

On Thursday November 8th we held our Annual Sports Day at CORFO.

Students from all ages had the opportunity to develop and show their skills participating in several athletic tests, including 100 mts, Long jump, bullet, among others.

Thank you to all students who participated very enthusiastically!!! Thank you PE teachers and support teachers so that this could work well!!!

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New Student Council

As part as our Citizenship Programme our students held the Students Council 2019 election last Wednesday November 7th.
All students from 5th to IV medio participated electing between two lists of students that presented their programmes previously.

Congratulations to List C!!!!! Winning with 77% of the votes!

Student of the Month – October 2018

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!


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Soccer Championship

On Friday October 26th, different students of different levels participated in a Championship at Colegio Teresianas of La Reina.

One of our teams form I and II Medio won First Prize, congratulations to all those students for their hard work and effort in training thoughout the year! Keep it up!

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Together, for ourselves and the planet!
(PBL Weeks 2018)

Last October 12th students finished the work on Proyect Based Learning, presneting their products to other students in the school and parents who visisted us. We are sure the learning experience was significant to many.

Congratulations and thanks to teachers and their hardwork and to parents who helped us as experts!

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Family Trekking

On Saturday, we had a great time at the Family Trekking. Families and teachers visited Aguas de Ramón in La Reina.

We had the chance to do physical activity in the company of people of our community. Thanks to all for the commitment, we all had great fun!

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IV Medio 2018: Ending a Journey

Last October 5th, IV Medio students, their Homeroom Teacher, Claudio Albornoz, Andres Menares and Monica Le May had a great experience in Antawaya.

They had a day of team work and challenges plus a lovely lunch were students reflected on their school experience and their future lives… We will miss you 4th Medio but we hope you become even better persons each day!

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Student of the Month – September 2018

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!


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Community Service

We have already started with a campaign to collect food for an Elderly Home called Los Aromos.
Here is the list of food that each class has to bring this month.
Let’s help others and teach our children solidarity!



First Cultural Fair in Lo Barnechea

Band of Students participates in the First Cultural Fair in Lo Barnechea.
This Saturday a group of Senior School Students will play in El Tranque,
they are very excited and would love to see our community giving them
Everyone is invited!


School Anniversary

On September 11th, 12th and 13th we celebrated our School Anniversary!
There were two teams: Rockers and Beach , everyone enjoyed the multiple activities that were organized by The Student Council under the supervision of Miss Paula Echeverria.

Students showed commitment to all the activities and showed a high School Spirit. Well done everyone! We all had a great time! And the winner was….both teams!

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Chilean Independance Day

On Friday September 7th, we celebrated our National Independance Day . All classes danced different Folklore Dances of the diffferente geaographical and cultural zones of our country. It was a morning full of colorful dresses, and all students demostrated their dancing talents.

Thanks to all parents who accompanied us. Special thanks to our PE Deparment, Mr. Jerdiz and Miss Andrea for the hard work!

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Third Educational Congress at The Grange School: Passion for Teaching, Joy for Teaching

Last Thursday September the 6th, five of our Senior School students were invited to participate in this intersesting Congress. Students had the chance to listen to a motivational lecture given by Paolo Bortolameolli, First Chilean to direct the LA Orquesta.
Then ,they were able to enjoy and lear n in different workshops were they could share with students from different schools. On Saturday, members of our Senior Management team were also able to learn about a variety of subjects.

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Latin American Show Room

Last September 6th, Senior School students showed each other their research on differents Latin American countries.
The research included the country’s history, culture, traditional food amongst others.
The younger students contributed signing songs from Latin American background.

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English Day

Last Wednesday August 29th, the whole school celebrated English Day. As usual, the activity was coordinated by the English Department and every class prepared a presentation on the topic MUSIC.

They included signing or dancing different songs. Everyboday had a great time celebrating ENGLISH and MUSIC!

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Student of the Month – August 2018

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!


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Peter Rabbit visited us!

On Thursday, August 23rd, our students from Playgroup to 2nd Grade were visited by Peter Rabbit! The storyteller made them laugh and enjoy of the classic story by Beatrix Potter!

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100 Days os School

Last Tuesday August 14th, we celebrated 100 days of our school year! Stundets form Playgroup to 2nd Grade wore masks, covers and clebrated with differents activities this special day.

Each calss had a special moment  to celebate the day!

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Student of the Month – July 2018

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!


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University Fair

Last Wednesday July 25th, students from Senior School participated in a University Fair, organized by the Special Needs Department. They were able to understand the offers that different universities have for the different fields of knowledge.

This is important specilly for those who are near to having to make decisions about their future.

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Dental Care Workshop

Last July 4th, a team of Dental care specialists and “ Ratón Perez” visited our Infant Section. Organized by Municiplaidad Lo Barnechea, it was a great opportunity for the little ones.
They were told again about the importance of taking care of their teeth, by a healthy diet and a good brushing habit.

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Visit to Elderly Home Los Aromos

5th grade students accompanied by their teachers, Miss Ceclia Ulloa and Miss Magdalena Cristi, and some mothers, visited Los Aromos on July 5th.

They took food that had been collected in all classes during the month of July. They shared a lovely breakfast with the elderly. Thanks to all students who demostrated solidarity, respect and love towards the people who really need our company and help.


Parents and Students: First Communion Meeting

As part of the process of preparing for their Fisrt Communion, students and their parents have participated with a lot of enthusiasm this first semester at evening meetings in the Chapel next to the school. Events ahave been organised by Miss Magdalena Cristi and Father Cordero.

These have been significant moments for everyone involved, giving them more sense and motivation in their preparation.

Miss Magdalena Cristi.

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Be Nice Week

One of our school’s goals is that school is a community where everyone feels welcome and is accepted and valued. Last week (June 11th to 15th) we celebrated “Be Nice week”, where there were several activities organised by the Support Team.

During the week, students and teachers worked in topics related to treating others well, by watching videos, reading stories, etc.

To finish, on Friday all students signed a “We treat each other well” commitment, and shared a breakfast among different grades!

IV Medio: Parents and Sons/Daughters Reunion

As part of the activities organised by Counceling Department, last Wednesday June 6th, parents and their children in their last school year had the possibility of a guided conversation and reflection regarding their future: not only the career but also who they want to be in life. Both parents and students were happy for such opportunity!


Learning Centres

One of the objectives of Infant School is that our children live different learning experiences. Thus, challenging the little ones to their maximum learning potential!

At the beginning of this month, we have started with new centers where children are invited to explore and inquire about different objects, materials, and situations. Children are motivated to create and imagine as well!

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Student of the Month – May 2018

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!


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Family Day 2018

Our families are fundamental in our lives and that of our students. In our families we learn how to behave and develop skills that will help us be good persons and thus a contribution in our communities.

That is why last Wednesday may 30th we celebrated “Family Day” , where groups from Playgroup to 4th grade invited their families sharing songs and gifts for them. Children were so happy to receive their loved ones in our school!

We thank all members of schools families who were able to attend!

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International Academic Programmes in Chile and Abroad

Some of our students from 6th to III Medio have been selected and will be offered to participate in Edu-Explora  programmes in January. Workshops are carried out by outstanding University Professionals from Stanford, Oxford or Yale, in themes such as Medicine, Design Thinking, Viedo games Design Creativity and Innovation among others. Those interested will have to sit a Math and/or English test and then will be invited to participate in their local or international programmes ( January in UDD and July/August in Stanford, Yale or Oxford).

Parents from students selected are invited to attend a meeting on Monday June 18th at 8:30 am in our school where thay will give you the informations and costs of the programmes.

Student Day 2018

Students is what drives all our everyday work and efforts…May 11th was the day that we celebrated them! We began their Day welcoming them in Movie Costumes! Thier faces showed how thrilled they were to see their teachers in such funny costumes! Then, parents helped us so taht they could enjoy a great breakfast with thier classmates. Teachers dedicated a video to them and finally they enjoyed different activities and games that the Parents Council organised for them.

Thank you all who collabotaed so this was a special day for each one of our students!

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Book Week 2018

We are very proud, as Spanish Language Department, of having celebrated such a successful Book Week. We organised several activities where students could see the importance of reading and books.

Students decorated their classroom doors inspired in thier reading titles, and some others participated in a Creative Writing Contest. Others, displayed information regarding relevant poets and writers. The little ones created poems and acrostics.

To finish the week, there was an assembly where prizes where given to classes and individual students, and Infant school students coem disguised as literary characters!

Thank you everyone for the enthusiasm, commitment and participation…that was made the event a great success!!!
Spanish Department

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Sculpture Workshop

Learning through art offers students the cahnce to devolop skills such as creativity, reflection and expression.

Creating and experimneting is what students in this workshop have been doing. In this first proyect, and using scotchtape as artistic material, students have been covering objects and body parts in plastic film and then scotch tape to create the interseting figures that you can see in the pictures.

The first sculpture was created by Camila and Vicente Bahamondes, and the second one by Colomba de Heeckeren,Ignacia Menares and Adriano Díaz. Keep up the good work!
Miss Mabel Araya (Art and Technology teacher).

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Hold on to your kids: Relating with our children

We invite all parents to participate in this interesting Lecture. Gordon Neufeld, Canadian psychologist, with vast experience in parent-son/daughter relationship is coming to Chile. He will be speaking about the role of parents, frustration, empathy and many other interesting topics.

The lecture will be held at Dunalastair Las Condes ( Las Condes 11931) May 8th and 9th ( you choose one day ) between 19:30 and 21:30, the cost is $5000 per person.
To inscribe mail: capacitacionesmaha@gmail.com, phone number: 9 4 2929906 – 22 9804397

First Trekking 2018

Last Friday April 20th, we had our Fisrt Trekking. From Pre kinder to IV medio, students and teachers visited Santuario de la Naturaleza.
A great experience in contact with nature and students of all ages…team work and leadership were part of the adventure.
Thank you all for an amazing experience!

III and IV medio Students at Encuentro Evoluciona

Last Wednesday, April 4th, our students participated in the event organised by Pre-Universitario Pedro de Valdivia and America Solidaria. Students could also explore different career universities.

Catholic Holy Week in School

Last Thursday , March 29th we celebrated Holy Week as a school community. $th Graded celebrated “Last Supper” and the rest of students from PG to 4th Grade sang songs to accompany. Later that day, all students in their groups shared a symbolic “Last Supper”.


Prevention Programme

Commited to helping our youngsters in the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse, we have joined Universidad de Chile and Municipalidad de Lo Barnechea in an investigation and action plans to work with our students.

First Days of School

This past March 1st  school begun for all of our students. The little ones were full of expectaitions and really happy to be here!!!