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As you already know, helping those in need has always been very important for us. Solidarity is a value that characterizes us as a community, and that is why every year we promote the aid campaign to COANIQUEM. Although this year it has been difficult to promote it in the usual way given the contingency, we did not want to be oblivious to this important cause and we want to continue helping with the same commitment of every year. We, along with the Students’ Council, invite you to donate, as much as you can, until this Sunday June 7th at the following link https://desafiocoaniquem.cl/alcancia/996

Thanks to everyone!

Parents’s Meeting

During the month of May, Parents’ meetings for all sections were held through Meet. Since our families have had a fundamental role in the development of distance work, collaborating and actively participating in the learning process of their children, it was an instance to approach, to inform and to share experiences. The main topics discussed were: the online work process through the Classroom platform, the increase of Meet classes, time to solve queries, new schedules, support for our students and families, in addition to evaluation and the academic prioritization process during this modality of distance education. Parents were able make inquiries and have their doubts solved, welcome new families, organize their representatives and share with the Head teachers.

We appreciate the great assistance, participation, contributions and commitment.

We invite parents and guardians to continue working collaboratively!

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Counceling and Formation Program

The work in values and skills of the XXI century are fundamental aspects in the integral development of our students. This is why every week we have guidance work instances, which allow each class led by their head teachers to have a space for reflection, expression and collaborative work which seek to develop in our students, more tools to work in a responsible way in their community and in this new context that tests us day by day. We invite you to see some work done by your classmates of infant and junior!

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Student’s day

On Monday, May 11, student day is celebrated in Chile, an important date for our school since our students are the ones who mobilize us as a community.

They are the engine of our work as educators and for whom we continue working every day in complex and challenging times for all. In this instance, we wanted to celebrate and recognize our students in their day, highlighting their adaptability, participation and commitment to their educational process. We are proud of their daily work and their desire to continue learning.

Infant School Online Classes

One of the greatest challenges of working remotely has been to be able to deliver meaningful learning experiencies for our students of infant school. That is why we have gradually incorporated different methodologies that allow us to respond to their age needs and provide spaces for the development of different skills. To the work of recorded classes and delivery of boxes with materials and activities, we have incorporated our youngest students to the Classroom platform and to online classes through Google Meet, so they can directly interact with their teachers and classmates enriching the activities and the English language learning experiences. We appreciate the commitment and enthusiasm of our infant community in the development of this activity, since it has proven to be an instance of great participation from our students and families.

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Book Day Celebration

On April 23, the “Book Day” was celebrated worldwide, an instance that reminds us the importance of reading as a learning and knowledge tool.
In times of distance work, we have dedicated a moment to celebrate this day that has always been very significant for us. This time, teachers and students participated by sending us photos with their favorite books, which they have undoubtedly been able to enjoy in times of quarantine. We thank all our community that actively participated in this important celebration!

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Visual Arts Works during Quarantine

We want to congratulate our students from 1st to 6th grade who have enthusiastically carried out the activities of the first unit of the Visual Arts class. During this process they have reflected and developed their critical thinking through the observation of examples and the realization of activity guides formulated around their stage of development and contents of the subject. This has been reflected in the wonderful drawings they made. We invite you to see the works of your classmates, to continue creating with the same and even more energy.

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Online Classes in Times of Quarantine

We are very happy and grateful for the work done with all our students during the quarantine and for the work online with our students from 1st to 12th grade. We started immediately activating the Classroom platform from Google for Education.

Throughout this journey we counted on the parents’ support and the enthusiasm and commitment of both teachers and students. Our Infant was supported by collaborative work through videos, links and printables, everyone doing their best to continue with the children’s learning process.

We feel proud since we were able to confirm that we form a generous and supportive community committed to the values of our school. We will probably continue in Classroom after holidays, undoubtedly with the same energy, enthusiasm and perseverance that characterizes us in order to achieve the learning objectives in each class.

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Day against bullying and cyberbullying

As a school, it is a great commitment for us to offer our students and teachers a safe place where good convivence and treatment predominates. This is why on March 12 we commemorated the day against bullying and cyberbullying, an activity that was developed by all the students. Through reflection and creativity we contributed to raise awareness about the responsibility that each member has in achieving a respectful and healthy community.

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First Day of Classes 2020

On Wednesday March 4 we started our 2020 school year. It was an intance of meetings and joy in our community. As in previous years, once again we have new Chilean and foreign families from different parts of the world, who undoubtedly will continue enriching our daily activities. This year, school received us with important infrastructure changes that will favor the learning process of our students and will make our school a welcoming and friendly place for all.

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Ministerio de Educación pone disposicion el Protocolo para Prevencion del Coronavirus.

Descargar aquí



Matías Colomer: a champion!

On November 13th , Matias Colomer, student fro 4th Grade , participated in the South American Kung Fu tournament, held in the city of Buenos Aires.

Matías was the youngest kid of the Chilean delegation and was crowned as champion of his category both in combat and in form. He concluded a year of  successes on December 15th , when he became the  National Champion of his category.

Thanks to the school, teachers and classmates for the support given during this process.

Kinder Graduation and Junior Award Ceremony

The beginning of Primary Education is an important step in the lives of our students, for this reason on Thursday, December 12th, we celebrated Kindergarten Graduation 2019. It was an instance of great joy and affection where the little ones ended a stage of great learning
experiences beginning a new phase of important challenges.

Moments later we recognized and awarded the students of junior who demonstrated a great commitment and effort throughout the year. We thank all attendees and invite them to continue participating in these kind of ceremonies.

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IV Media Graduation and Senior Award Ceremony

On Wednesday, December 11th, we celebrated the graduation ceremony of the students of the 4th media of 2019, an emotional moment where we said goodbye to a generation that will leave a mark for their love, happiness and artistic talents. We also witnessed a great surprise prepared by the class parents who performed a song that invited them to be positive, optimistic and to trust in themselves.

Moments later we celebrated the Senior Award Ceremony where we recognize the talents and merits of our students rewarding them for all the effort done during the year. We thank all the participants and invite them to continue working together for an excellent 2020.

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School Day

On Friday, December 6 th , we ended a school year full of new experiences and challenges. It was a day of reflection, where we reviewed the experiences that we lived in the year, and that helped us forsee an even better 2020. It was also an instance to share, where the different classes had breakfast and recreational activities that made this last day something special.

We thank all our teachers, parents and students for the effort, commitment and love shown during the year and we look forward to receiving you in 2020 for a school year full of opportunities and learning.

Student of the Month – November 2019

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!

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Sports Day

On Friday, November 22nd, we had our traditional Sports Day, an activity organized by the Physical Education Department, where students of all levels showed what they had learnt during the year.

In this opportunity, there were tests of 100, 80 and 60 linear meter races, shot put, long jump, and relay race among others. It was a  day of sports, teamwork and fellowship, skills that are fundamental in the development of our students. We thank everyone for their participation and enthusiasm.

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Pin Ceremony

On Wednesday, November 20th, we started a new celebration in our school, the “Pin Ceremony”. This was an instance where 6th grade students finished their Junior School and started the transition to Secondary Education. The students of 5th and 7th grade participated with emotional words and memories, wishing them the best to this new phase that will be full of challenges, learning and experiences; The Senior School Coordinator gave them a pin with the shield of the school as a sign of identity and commitment to their school.

We thank all the families and Miss Cecilia Ulloa for their support and dedication, managing to encourage our students to be better every day.

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IVº Medio, Generation 2019 Farewell Breakfast

On Thursday, November 14th, we said goodbye to our beloved IV° Medio with a delicious and emotional breakfast organized by his classmates of IIIº Medio. It was a morning of beautiful emotions and joys, where students were able to close an important stage of their lives.

We wish them the best in this new beginning and we are sure that their time in our school will allow them to continue developing their maximum potential, face new challenges and be a contribution to their community.

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Kermesse 2019

On Saturday, November 9th, we celebrated our Kermesse 2019, an activity organized by the Parent Council, and that had a great participation of the whole Southland Community. It was a day of great surprises, games, bazaar, typical international meals, contests and much more.

We thank all our families and team for their enthusiasm and commitment, and all the classes for their stands that showed great dedication and teamwork.

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Student of the Month – October 2019

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!

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Augusta Villegas and her participation in the LatinaAmerican BMX Championship

Agusta began riding a bicycle at age 5 in Canada. She began training for the YEG BMX, club, where from the beginning she stood out for her skills, so she quickly began to participate in championships winning first place and also a prize awarded for the beginner with the most achievements of the season. In Chile she joined the BMX Club de las Condes, for which she is currently competing in the national and metropolitan championship, being third and second place until today.

Recently she participated in the Latin American competition that took place in Chile, obtaining third place. Agusta is very happy that her school shows interest in what she do and also supports and recognizes her.

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Trekking for the Senior Section

On Friday, October 18, we had a new Trekking for the Senior Section ( 7th to IV medio) to Manquehuito Hill, which was a new challenge. Our students reached the goal with great enthusiasm.

In this trekking ,we were accompanied by monitors from the Sports Department of Lo Barnechea who rewarded students who stood out for their effort and behavior.

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IV Medio in Antawaya

On October 4th, we had an entertaining and lovely day at the Antawaya center. We had a great day with team work and outdoor activities. This is one of the ways we start saying goodbye to our IV medio Students!

Thanks you for a great day , you will be missed IV Medio 2019!

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Intercultural Fair

On September 12th, students and teachers celebrated this traditional fair. The activity, organised by the History Department, has the objective that all students present a relevant historical or cultural  event. Each calss demostrated their work in several stands.

This year we included some countries from children from our school and they shared some information on thier culture and history with all of us. We had families from Korea, Phillipines, and others! Thanks to everyone for a great experience!

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Latinamerican Show

Traditions, the Arts and Music of our culture are an important part of our identity. That is why every year our students lead by the Physical Education Department, show different dances of different parts of the Chile.

This year teachers also included themselves with a dance of Colombia, and students presented dances from Brasil and Peru.

Thank you to all parents who came and specially to IV Medio parents who danced the traditioanl cueca with their children!

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Football Tournament

Students from 4th to 7th Grade began their participation in the Southern Cross Tournament, congratulations to all and keep up the training and hard work!

Project Alert: 7th and 8th Grade

As a school we are dedicated to helping students take care of themselves and on preventing them from taking bad decisions. That is why this week we have started the implementation of the Project Alert programme ( httpss://www.projectalert.com/ ) with 7th and 8th Graders.

As part of this continuum, our 10th and 11th Grades participeted in a guided conversation with the psychologist, Julio Figueroa, expert in Alcohol and Drug Abuse, as part of our interest on informing, accompanying and caring for our students well being. 

Parents and Children Event (7th and 8th Grades)

As a school our interest is to promote and give opportunity to create bonds and collaborative work with families so that our students have a healthy and enriching development.

Last August 28th, we invited parents and children of 7th and 8th to work together inproving communiaction and refection on topics such as relationships and self care.

Thank you all for this wonderful time!

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Congratulations Renatta Acuña!

Last winter holidays, Renatta , 9th Grade Student, had the chance of travelling to Yale University in US, to participate of a special Summer Programme for talented students around the world!
She first participated in the TALENT SEARCH OF EDU-EXPLORA CHILE.

We are sure this was an unforgettable experience and that will help you continue grow as a student and person!


Student of the Month – August 2019

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!

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Visit to Universidad de los Andes

As part of our vocational programme, last wednesday August 21st students from IV Medio ( 12th Grade) had the opportunity to visit this prestigious university.This activities give a lot of inofrmation and experience so that students can choose acoording thier interests and vision.

We thank the university for this opportunity!


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Volleyball Internal Championship

Last wednesday students from Senior School ( 7th to IV Medio) had this tournament organized by the PE and Sports Department.

Congratulations to all participants of this event!


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Student of the Month – July 2019

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!

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University Fair

As part of our vocational activities, last July 31st students from I to IV Medio participated of this fair specially organised for them. Several universities and institutions came to show and inform students about acrrers and choces they might have on furthur education.

Also, some classes had the opportunity to participate in workshops on Engineering, Human Studies, and Health. Thank you all for this event!



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PBL Weeks

To finish the first semester, all the school was involved in developing Projects. In these projects students were able to develop XX1st Century Skills and relate different subjects with the real world. Every project had a public product that was presented to their schoolmates and parents on July 12th.

Thank you students, teachers and parents for making this learning experience memorable!


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Student of the Month – June 2019

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!

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As a school we are always encouraging and working for having a good atmosphere in our school, that each one of our students feels welcome and well! This year we have devoted a week to promote heathy and caring relationships among the members of our community.

Last week, there were various different activities every day, conversations among different age groups, comics, commitments and a “ Be Nice Pet” Competition, where 5th grade won with two pets “Serpyn” and “Flifi”.

As students said” treating each other well is not a week thing, but has to be always!”

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Dear School Community:

We are proud to present to you our Digital Annual School Magazines, years 2018, 2017 and 2016. In them you will be able to take a look at all school activities of the year.
We have decided to make it digital so it is accesible to all families.
We hope you enjoy it!


Career Visit UDD

As part of our career and counceling unit, IV medio students visited the Universidad del Desarrollo, where they received information on different careers and the university.

Thanks you to the University for the opportunity given to our students! It was a good experience for all!

Tie Ceremony –IV Medio

This year a new ceremony has become part of the events specially designed for our IV medio students.

Accompanied by III Medio and their parents, IV Medio students received a “Blue Tie”, symbol of their last year in school and of the responsibilities this brings! We our proud of all our students and hope this year is one of your best!

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Student of the Month – May 2019

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!

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Family Day

Last Wednesday May 29th, we held our traditional Family Day. Families ( parents and grandparents) were invited to a presentation where children form Playgroup to 2nd Grade showed their level of English and talents, singing and speaking and dancing!

Thank you all for accompanying us and your children in such a beautiful event!

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Southland Monitors

Since last year the school has wanted to recognise students that have a good attitude and commitment towards school and its activities. They are our Southland Monitors. These students selected by our Headmistress and Coordinators help teachers and students in different activities: they accompany new students, cooperate in events, etc! They are a model for other students.

These students have some benefits as well: a jeans day per month, fast pass at Lunch Time and some days they may have lunch outside school.

Congratulations to all of them!

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Father/Mother – Daughter/son Workshops for 5th and 6th

We all know that educating is a collaborative work among  family and school. For our school this team work is fundamental so we think that creating conversation moments between children and thier parents is something we must do.

In both events parentsa and children were able to play, laugh and communicate.

Thanks for all the support and commitment to these activities!

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Student´s Day

Last May 10th, we celebrated  the most important part of our school: our students!

The day began with an assembly  where teachers dedicated songs and speeches to them!  Then each class enjoyed a lovely breakfast and the rest of the day was filled with activities and contests! Thanks to the Student Council for the yummy doughnuts and Parents Council for the “Animals Exhibition”, Games and food the gave all our students! What a great day!

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Student of the Month April 2019

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!

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Book Week

Reading opens worlds of imagination to our students. Last week the whole school devoted time and work to various activities that were connected to reading and books! There was decoration of class doors, reading out loud from older students to younger ones, Maximiliano Torres, student form 7th grade, presented his recently published book! The little ones enjoyed a puppet show , whisperers spread out their poems to everyone and so on! 

Thank you to Spanish teachers for their energy and organization and to all our students who made the week memorable!

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Holy Week

Last Thursday April 18th, Catholic students celebrated “ Holy Week”. 4th and 5th grade presented a sketch recreating The Last Supper and the Via Crucis. Some students from the Students’ Council reflected on how we can make our world a better and more peaceful place.

Finally, all classes spent some time of reflection and togetherness eating bread, juice and  grapes. 

Thank you Miss Magdalena for the hard work!

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Green Team

Recycling has become a world issue and is very importante at our school as well! That is why since last year we have begun to recicle and motivate students to do so! The school has brought recycling and compost bin to help in this!

This year with help of Miss Francisca Hume, students from 7th to IV Medio ara participating of our Green Team! They have been organising recycling, cleaning them and will be taking them to the Lo Barnechea Recycling posts. They are also working weekly with the compost bin!

Thank you all for the work you do!!!!

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Trekking Parque Cordillera San Carlos de Apoquindo

Last Friday April 12th all Southland students from Playgroup to IV Medio,teachers and members of the Senior Management Team particpated of a Trekking to the Andes Mountains.

Different age groups visited different spots in the park learning about nature and walking quite long distances. Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation in what has become a special event in our community!!!

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Family Picnic

Our families are fundamental in the work we do every day with our students. School and families work together to achieve the common goal of educating children so that they become the best version of themselves!

Last Saturday, March 23rd we spent a lovely morning in a family picnic for families from Playgroup to 3rd Grade! We had the opportunity to create bonds among families and the school members. We had lots of fun with different games prepared by the PE teachers and we ate lovely food!

Thank you all for a beautiful morning!

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Study Trip III Medio

Some of our III Medio students went to Easter Island last week for the Study Trip! A Magical island full of culture and amazing nature! Navigating the “Motus” walking in “Rano Kau” and “Terevaka” volcanoes, volunteer work at CONAF where all part of this extraordinary experience!

The group developed a much better sense of group and will never forget this experience!

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World Down Sindrome Day

Today we celebrated this special day in our community. We all wore different colored socks to celebrate diversity!

Each class reflected on our differences as human beings and how we want our world to be each day more tolerant inclusive and respectful!
Thank you all for your enthusiasm!

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No more Bullying Campaign

We have always worked to have a safe and caring environment for each one of our students so this year we wanted to reflect with our students in the National Day Against Ciber Bullying.

Students fro 5th to 4Th Medio could understand the importance of witnesses and were invited to join each other for a world without bullying!


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Welcome New Parents

Last March 6th, we had a welcome meeting for new parents in our school. More than 50 families joined us for a cocktail and a meeting were they could know more about our school, our commitent and how we can together get the best out of each one of our students!

Thank you for coming, it was a pleasure to meet you all!

Starting a New School Year

School year began last Monday March 4th, the happiness and joy of children came back to the buildings!

We specially welcome all new families, both Chilean and foreigners, we hope you find a new home for your children and we are sure you will all be an asset to our school. Again welcome!


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Welcome New Students

Last Friday March 1st we enjoyed a welcome activity with all our new students from 5th to IV medio.

Students were able to meet with their teachers and other new students, as well as get to know a bit more about our School. We hope they all have a great 2019!


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Welcome Event 2019
5th to IV Medio

Dear New families, we welcome you to our school and inform you that in order to support and welcome all our new students , we have organised a welcome event on Friday March 1st (10:00 a 11:30) so that students can meet their teachers and each other!


IV Medio Graduation Ceremony

On December 11th, we celebrated our IV Medio Graduation Ceremonies with the students and their families.

It has been a long journey for each one of our students but we are really proud of everything they have achieved. Thanks to each one of them for all  the experiences lived this and all the previous years! All the best to our IV medio 2018!

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End of Year Ceremonies

On December 12th, we celebrated two important closing ceremonies, in the morning Kinder Graduation and 1st to 4th Grade Prize Giving Ceremony. That same day, in th evening, was the turn of 5th to III Medio Prize Giving Ceremony too. In both, we awarded prizes to students who achieved importnat academic and personal goals, congratulations to all those students who are an example to the rest of our community!

Well done and see you in March!

See Photos – PG to 3rd Grade

See Photos 4th Grade to III Medio

First Communion 2018

Last December 1st, some of our 4th Grade students celebrated their First Communion in Virgen Peregrina parish.

After a whole year of preparation in charge of Miss Magdalena Cristi, children participated of a beautiful ceremony where students were accompanied by their families.

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Kermesse 2018

Our school families are our partners, with them we educate our children so thay become the best pesons they can be!
Each year, the school community gathers in the Kermesse , organised by the Parents Council, to have fun, and get to know each other. This year’s was a success!

We enjoyed activities and lovely food from our foreign families: Mexico, Brasil, Peru, Korea and Venezuela were present with thier incredible dishes!

Thanks to all students and parenst who participated so enthusistically in this activity!
Specially to Parents Council for their dedication and love!

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Sports Day

On Thursday November 8th we held our Annual Sports Day at CORFO.

Students from all ages had the opportunity to develop and show their skills participating in several athletic tests, including 100 mts, Long jump, bullet, among others.

Thank you to all students who participated very enthusiastically!!! Thank you PE teachers and support teachers so that this could work well!!!

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New Student Council

As part as our Citizenship Programme our students held the Students Council 2019 election last Wednesday November 7th.
All students from 5th to IV medio participated electing between two lists of students that presented their programmes previously.

Congratulations to List C!!!!! Winning with 77% of the votes!

Student of the Month – October 2018

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!


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Soccer Championship

On Friday October 26th, different students of different levels participated in a Championship at Colegio Teresianas of La Reina.

One of our teams form I and II Medio won First Prize, congratulations to all those students for their hard work and effort in training thoughout the year! Keep it up!

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Together, for ourselves and the planet!
(PBL Weeks 2018)

Last October 12th students finished the work on Proyect Based Learning, presneting their products to other students in the school and parents who visisted us. We are sure the learning experience was significant to many.

Congratulations and thanks to teachers and their hardwork and to parents who helped us as experts!

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Family Trekking

On Saturday, we had a great time at the Family Trekking. Families and teachers visited Aguas de Ramón in La Reina.

We had the chance to do physical activity in the company of people of our community. Thanks to all for the commitment, we all had great fun!

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IV Medio 2018: Ending a Journey

Last October 5th, IV Medio students, their Homeroom Teacher, Claudio Albornoz, Andres Menares and Monica Le May had a great experience in Antawaya.

They had a day of team work and challenges plus a lovely lunch were students reflected on their school experience and their future lives… We will miss you 4th Medio but we hope you become even better persons each day!

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Student of the Month – September 2018

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!


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Community Service

We have already started with a campaign to collect food for an Elderly Home called Los Aromos.
Here is the list of food that each class has to bring this month.
Let’s help others and teach our children solidarity!



First Cultural Fair in Lo Barnechea

Band of Students participates in the First Cultural Fair in Lo Barnechea.
This Saturday a group of Senior School Students will play in El Tranque,
they are very excited and would love to see our community giving them
Everyone is invited!


School Anniversary

On September 11th, 12th and 13th we celebrated our School Anniversary!
There were two teams: Rockers and Beach , everyone enjoyed the multiple activities that were organized by The Student Council under the supervision of Miss Paula Echeverria.

Students showed commitment to all the activities and showed a high School Spirit. Well done everyone! We all had a great time! And the winner was….both teams!

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Chilean Independance Day

On Friday September 7th, we celebrated our National Independance Day . All classes danced different Folklore Dances of the diffferente geaographical and cultural zones of our country. It was a morning full of colorful dresses, and all students demostrated their dancing talents.

Thanks to all parents who accompanied us. Special thanks to our PE Deparment, Mr. Jerdiz and Miss Andrea for the hard work!

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Third Educational Congress at The Grange School: Passion for Teaching, Joy for Teaching

Last Thursday September the 6th, five of our Senior School students were invited to participate in this intersesting Congress. Students had the chance to listen to a motivational lecture given by Paolo Bortolameolli, First Chilean to direct the LA Orquesta.
Then ,they were able to enjoy and lear n in different workshops were they could share with students from different schools. On Saturday, members of our Senior Management team were also able to learn about a variety of subjects.

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Latin American Show Room

Last September 6th, Senior School students showed each other their research on differents Latin American countries.
The research included the country’s history, culture, traditional food amongst others.
The younger students contributed signing songs from Latin American background.

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English Day

Last Wednesday August 29th, the whole school celebrated English Day. As usual, the activity was coordinated by the English Department and every class prepared a presentation on the topic MUSIC.

They included signing or dancing different songs. Everyboday had a great time celebrating ENGLISH and MUSIC!

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Student of the Month – August 2018

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!


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Peter Rabbit visited us!

On Thursday, August 23rd, our students from Playgroup to 2nd Grade were visited by Peter Rabbit! The storyteller made them laugh and enjoy of the classic story by Beatrix Potter!

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100 Days os School

Last Tuesday August 14th, we celebrated 100 days of our school year! Stundets form Playgroup to 2nd Grade wore masks, covers and clebrated with differents activities this special day.

Each calss had a special moment  to celebate the day!

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Student of the Month – July 2018

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!


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University Fair

Last Wednesday July 25th, students from Senior School participated in a University Fair, organized by the Special Needs Department. They were able to understand the offers that different universities have for the different fields of knowledge.

This is important specilly for those who are near to having to make decisions about their future.

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Dental Care Workshop

Last July 4th, a team of Dental care specialists and “ Ratón Perez” visited our Infant Section. Organized by Municiplaidad Lo Barnechea, it was a great opportunity for the little ones.
They were told again about the importance of taking care of their teeth, by a healthy diet and a good brushing habit.

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Visit to Elderly Home Los Aromos

5th grade students accompanied by their teachers, Miss Ceclia Ulloa and Miss Magdalena Cristi, and some mothers, visited Los Aromos on July 5th.

They took food that had been collected in all classes during the month of July. They shared a lovely breakfast with the elderly. Thanks to all students who demostrated solidarity, respect and love towards the people who really need our company and help.


Parents and Students: First Communion Meeting

As part of the process of preparing for their Fisrt Communion, students and their parents have participated with a lot of enthusiasm this first semester at evening meetings in the Chapel next to the school. Events ahave been organised by Miss Magdalena Cristi and Father Cordero.

These have been significant moments for everyone involved, giving them more sense and motivation in their preparation.

Miss Magdalena Cristi.

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Be Nice Week

One of our school’s goals is that school is a community where everyone feels welcome and is accepted and valued. Last week (June 11th to 15th) we celebrated “Be Nice week”, where there were several activities organised by the Support Team.

During the week, students and teachers worked in topics related to treating others well, by watching videos, reading stories, etc.

To finish, on Friday all students signed a “We treat each other well” commitment, and shared a breakfast among different grades!

IV Medio: Parents and Sons/Daughters Reunion

As part of the activities organised by Counceling Department, last Wednesday June 6th, parents and their children in their last school year had the possibility of a guided conversation and reflection regarding their future: not only the career but also who they want to be in life. Both parents and students were happy for such opportunity!


Learning Centres

One of the objectives of Infant School is that our children live different learning experiences. Thus, challenging the little ones to their maximum learning potential!

At the beginning of this month, we have started with new centers where children are invited to explore and inquire about different objects, materials, and situations. Children are motivated to create and imagine as well!

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Student of the Month – May 2018

Teachers have selected students that have shown an outstanding personal or academich achievement this month! Each month more students will be selected!

Congratulations to all these students! Keep up the good work and attitude!


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Family Day 2018

Our families are fundamental in our lives and that of our students. In our families we learn how to behave and develop skills that will help us be good persons and thus a contribution in our communities.

That is why last Wednesday may 30th we celebrated “Family Day” , where groups from Playgroup to 4th grade invited their families sharing songs and gifts for them. Children were so happy to receive their loved ones in our school!

We thank all members of schools families who were able to attend!

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International Academic Programmes in Chile and Abroad

Some of our students from 6th to III Medio have been selected and will be offered to participate in Edu-Explora  programmes in January. Workshops are carried out by outstanding University Professionals from Stanford, Oxford or Yale, in themes such as Medicine, Design Thinking, Viedo games Design Creativity and Innovation among others. Those interested will have to sit a Math and/or English test and then will be invited to participate in their local or international programmes ( January in UDD and July/August in Stanford, Yale or Oxford).

Parents from students selected are invited to attend a meeting on Monday June 18th at 8:30 am in our school where thay will give you the informations and costs of the programmes.

Student Day 2018

Students is what drives all our everyday work and efforts…May 11th was the day that we celebrated them! We began their Day welcoming them in Movie Costumes! Thier faces showed how thrilled they were to see their teachers in such funny costumes! Then, parents helped us so taht they could enjoy a great breakfast with thier classmates. Teachers dedicated a video to them and finally they enjoyed different activities and games that the Parents Council organised for them.

Thank you all who collabotaed so this was a special day for each one of our students!

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Book Week 2018

We are very proud, as Spanish Language Department, of having celebrated such a successful Book Week. We organised several activities where students could see the importance of reading and books.

Students decorated their classroom doors inspired in thier reading titles, and some others participated in a Creative Writing Contest. Others, displayed information regarding relevant poets and writers. The little ones created poems and acrostics.

To finish the week, there was an assembly where prizes where given to classes and individual students, and Infant school students coem disguised as literary characters!

Thank you everyone for the enthusiasm, commitment and participation…that was made the event a great success!!!
Spanish Department

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Sculpture Workshop

Learning through art offers students the cahnce to devolop skills such as creativity, reflection and expression.

Creating and experimneting is what students in this workshop have been doing. In this first proyect, and using scotchtape as artistic material, students have been covering objects and body parts in plastic film and then scotch tape to create the interseting figures that you can see in the pictures.

The first sculpture was created by Camila and Vicente Bahamondes, and the second one by Colomba de Heeckeren,Ignacia Menares and Adriano Díaz. Keep up the good work!
Miss Mabel Araya (Art and Technology teacher).

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