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Diversity Day

Because being different makes us unique! As every year, TSS changes its socks to celebrate the richness of diversity and we commemorate this day by celebrating differences, highlighting what makes us special. Tolerance, solidarity and respect towards these differences allow us to be attentive and connected with our environment and community. We hope to be a contribution in the construction of a more inclusive society. We thank our students and teachers for their active participation in this special day.



First Assembly

After a rewarding resting period when we could share experiences in family, with old and new friends and have fun away from classes and work, we gathered around shared goals in our first TSS Assembly on Monday, March 6th, this time in our brand-new multipurpose field.


The whole school was aligned by classes from PK to IV medio, teachers were around the students, the management team stood in front of the students leading the assembly, janitors and administration team participated from the second floor facing the field.


Throughout the Assembly, new students and staff members were introduced and welcomed, yearly community goals were set, the school values were recalled and emphasized  to everyone, thus, creating a feeling of belonging and shared track to direct our steps towards a meaningful, successful school year.


Generation 2023 students were recognized and were formally given their Seniors piocha that distinguishes them as the eldest in the school, being responsible for standing as positive models for the students community and worthy of our affection for being in their last school year.


Our Headmistress encouraged each and every one to play an active role in the achievement of their personal objectives as well as in the development of a solid community which stays united around respect, perseverance and responsibility.


Let’s all be part of a great 2023!



Welcome activity with our Infant Families

Families are a fundamental pillar within our community, and it is because of this that on Friday the 3rd of March we invited our pre-kinder and kinder families to share a creative and recreational activity alongside our teachers and students. This occasion was a meaningful way to reinforce our work between our families and the school so we can make a positive projection for our school year 2023.  



First Day of School, Infant

Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd of March we began our school year 2023 alongside our Infant students and teachers. Different age groups participated in various activities such as our first graders who created mementos for the IV o’s medios and accompanied them in a collaborative activity. Our pre kinder and kindergarten students took part in other things such as touring the school, getting acquainted with their new playground, they met their new teachers and shared different learning experiences. 

We give everyone an affectionate welcome and hope we all have a good year together.



PBL in Infant

One of the objectives of this cycle is to promote in the classroom, meaningful experiences for our students, allowing them to be active agents of their own learning process.

It is for this reason that we have implemented the Project Based Learning (PBL) methodology, which allows us to integrate the subjects in a common goal, foster important skills in students and generate learning from construction.

On Wednesday, August 10, we had the presentation of the different class projects, which were developed around the theme of "Community Helpers".

We enjoyed a mini city with a restaurant, gym, plant garden and a fire station.

Congratulations to the teachers and their students!

See photos!



English Week 

One of our fundamental pillars is that our students are part of a bilingual context, where English is a tool for development and learning. It is also a social resource that allows them to relate to different cultures and be part of a globalized world.

In our English week 2022 held between June 6 and June 10, each level of the infant cycle prepared a musical presentation with their teachers, in collaboration with the music teachers, showing all their talents in the second language. We thank them all for their participation!!!

See photos!



Technological Recycling

 As a school community we are committed to the care of our planet and that is why during the month of June the students of infant participated in an entertaining technological recycling workshop with ENTEL. They were able to learn different ways to reuse and / or safely dispose of technological devices and accessories that are at home and that today can have multiple uses.

See photos!



Expert visits for PBL

As part of our project methodology, we received important visits from moms and dads, who from their professions and/or jobs were able to contribute, with expert talks, to the development of the different projects that are being prepared by the courses of the cycle.


In addition, we received some exceptional guests, firefighters from the 19th Company, who with their equipment and knowledge told us more about their valuable work. The children were happy and excited!


We thank everyone for their visits which confirm that together we are a great team.

See photos!



Infant Storytelling

Framed in our Book Week 2022, we had a very entertaining storytelling activity, instance where we invited the families from our classes to participate telling stories or reading books, showing creativity, being a very significant space for all students and teachers. We thank all moms and dads for their commitment to this activity, making of this a very nice moment for our community.

See photos!



Infant Book Week

On the week of April 18th, we celebrated our Book Week 2022, milestone of great importance for our school, where we promote and highlight the importance of reading in the development of knowledge and as a tool in learning.

We had diverse activities like costumes day, doors competition, books exchange, parents storytelling, among others, achieving a great participation from our whole community.

See photos!




As it is a tradition, we celebrate Easter along with our students developing diverse activities. Each class prepared different crafts and artistic expressions in the waiting for the arrival of the Easter Bunny. On Monday, each class received Easter chocolate eggs, brought by their important helpers. We thank each Class Delegate, for their support in this activity. 

See photos!



TSS Bear


On Monday April 11th, our Southland Bear arrived at our Infant Section, symbol that accompanies our kinder students in their journey to First grade. All students from our Section were able to enjoy diverse activities and be part of the magic, along with the adventures of our traveler friend.

See photos!


Av. Las Condes 14672, Lo Barnechea, Santiago. Chile

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