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PBL in Junior

On Thursday August 11 and Friday August 12, we had our first Open House, where our Junior students had the opportunity to present to the parents their projects carried out with PBL methodology.

These interdisciplinary projects focused on a variety of topics such as our Indigenous Peoples, Inventors, Discovery and Conquest, Solar System and Geometry.

We congratulate our students and their teachers for the great teamwork, the knowledge acquired and the command of English shown by the students in each class.

We would also like to thank each parent who was present at the school, witnessing the projects in the classroom, asking questions to the groups and giving their comments on the exit tickets, in which, in addition to expressing their congratulations, they had the opportunity to express their suggestions, which will undoubtedly contribute to our improvement for next year.

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Parts of a plant activity


During our Unit 3: Plants in Science, students from third grade engaged in an activity where they had to turn into a part of the plant, being able to explain the function and benefits, performing in front of their class in English. They had so much fun!

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Solar System Scavenger Hunt

As a closure for our Unit 2: Solar System in Science, students from third grade engaged in an activity where they had to look for hidden cards with information regarding the Solar System, and answer 18 questions about it. They did an amazing job and found all the hidden information!

See photos!

Lectores de Mayo.jpeg


"Best reader of the month"


This year we have renewed the tradition of rewarding students who stand out not only for fulfilling the complementary or compulsory readings in the subjects of Spanish and English, but this award is a way to celebrate the taste and motivation they have for reading other books and subjects outside of school.

We congratulate our students for receiving this recognition of "BEST READER OF THE MONTH OF MAY".

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"Trade activity"


In our Unit ‘Discovery of America’, the students of 5th grade learnt this economic system called "trade". They learnt that this activity was the exchange of different products from the Far East during the 15th century. 

To put it into practice, each student brought different things from their homes, traded them in the school and at the end of the activity they gave their opinion about this experience. They felt very happy with their new goods.

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Fathers, Mothers and Children 4th Grade Meeting


An important objective of our school is to generate spaces for conversation within each of our families for which we have designed the Fathers, Mothers and Sons, Daughters Meetings. Last Tuesday May 24th and Wednesday May 25th, our 4th Grade families participated in a meeting organized and led by the Head Teachers, the Formation Department and the Junior Cycle Coordination. It was an instance of reunion among the families of the level, which allowed them to reflect on themselves, their values, their hallmarks and how they show love to each other within the family. In the closing activity, each family designed a shield that will represent them as a family in the future.

We thank each of the attendees and invite them to continue generating spaces for family conversation.

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2nd grade Friendship Project

This project aims to develop social skills and foster relationships with all partners regardless of whether they are friends or not.
A random draw is made and the pairs are invited to invite each other.

It is a very enriching experience for all our students.

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Third Grade Survey – Birthdays (Tally marks & Bar graph)

During our unit “Data Handling”, in the subject of Math, students of 3rd grade engaged in an activity where they had to ask 10 people from school for their birthdays, and represent them using Tally Marks in their copybook.

After they finished their survey, they had to come back to the classroom and create a Bar Graph using this information, using the Months of the Year as categories.

They had so much fun!

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Salty and Fresh Water Experiment

During our unit “Water on Earth” of Science class, students of 5th grade engaged in an experiment about Salty and Fresh Water, where they had to put some water on two different cups, adding salt to one of them. To identify each cup, they had to label with Salty Water and Fresh Water.

At the end, they tasted each cup and wrote down what they felt, answering some questions about their experience.

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How Sound Travels (Unit 1 – Light and Sound)


During our unit “Light and Sound”, in the subject of Science, students of 3rd grade engaged in an activity where they had to create a “telephone”, using a piece of wool as the telephone wire and two cups with a whole in the base, as the telephone speakers.

The objective of this activity was to investigate through their own experience how sound is transmitted.

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2nd grade Natural Science project

This is a project we carry out to understand the functioning of the respiratory system, specifically the lungs. 

The second grade students created their own respiratory system with recycled materials. It was a great experience where they understood through doing, one of the vital systems of our body.

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Show and Tell: “My Favorite Toy”


On Thursday May 12th (GROUP 1) y Friday May 13th (GROUP 2), students from third grade had their first “Show and Tell” in english, where they brought an object, picture or favorite toy, to show to their class, along with a poster or Power Point about it.

This was a great opportunity to work on their Speaking and Listening skills.

See photos!

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Junior & Senior Book Week


During the week of April 18-22, we celebrated Book Week with many activities such as contests, book exchanges and and characterized book characters ending the week with a Costume Parade.

All classes decorated their doors as if they were real books, achieving a production that reflected teamwork, collective enthusiasm and a lot of creativity in the use of recycled material. Each class, together with their teachers, chose a book title or literary theme to decorate.

The winners for Decorated Doors Contest were:

In Junior:

- 2nd B  with their theme from the book “The Lion and the Mice”

In Senior:

- First place: I and with "Harry Potter" and III Medio with "Alice in Wonderland".

- Second place: II Medio with "The Little Prince" and IV Medio with "Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory".


Besides, Junior students had a very entertaining activity: the "Book Exchange", where each student brought a book to exchange for others. This activity was a great success as it brought together almost all the students from 2nd to 6th grade where they enthusiastically enjoyed choosing books on their favorite topics.


Senior students participated in the "Book face contest", in which many chose book covers to replicate with themselves included in the illustration. The winners of this challenge were: Renato Yañez from 7th grade, Alfonso García from 8th grade, Sofía Raggio from Iº Medio, Florencia de la Barra from IIº Medio and Constanza Alarcón from IIIº Medio.


Also, during the book week, students from III and IV medio English elective class, participated creating entertaining animated stories to be shared with Infant students, who enjoyed them very much, apart from being an excellent instance to practice English in a playful and entertaining way.

See Junior photos!


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