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University Fair

On Wednesday, August 24, our students from I to IV medio had the opportunity to participate in the University Fair, which was attended by pre-universitary institutions, technical training centers and universities attached to the admission system.

After the fair, our students could to participate in one of the three available talks given by: Cepech, Universidad Diego Portales and Universidad del Desarrollo, which addressed the topics: NEM, vocational choice and stress management.

We are satisfied with the experience since each of our students were able to take advantage of the opportunity to obtain detailed information about possible options for their education after school, which allows them to plan their life project in a more informed way.

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Drama News

On Thursday, May 5, the group of students of the Theater Elective I and II, together with their teacher Miriam Faivovich, visited the Catholic University Theater, founded in 1943, located at 26 Jorge Washington Street, in front of Plaza Ñuñoa. It was an interesting backstage tour, they learned about how the staging of a play is developed behind the stage, about the history of Chilean theater and the magic of scenography, appreciating the theatrical work from the costumes to the staging. According to the students themselves, it was a surprising and enriching experience.

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Humanistic PBL  News


During the months of March and April, ABP Humanist students have been working on the theme "Humor as community therapy", answering the essential question How does theater, humor and play allow us to build a healthy community?

The goal of the project is for the students to solve a problem in the Southland community through dynamics that incorporate play and humor.

The students were divided into three groups and their projects were as follows:

Group 1: "Game to fight bullying", formed by students Laura Barros and Santiago Larrazábal from III Medio, Diego Martínez, Montserrat Melhuish and Giovanni Di Luca from IV Medio. The objective of their activity was to get the students of a class to get to know each other, through the recognition of similarities with other classmates, thus facilitating the creation of a bond among the participants. This activity is aimed at students from 2nd to 6th grade. The group presented its project on April 20 in 4th grade A, with excellent participation and welcome from all students.

Group 2: "Music as community therapy", formed by Fernanda Palma, Ignacio Arraño and Daniela Ergas from III Medio, Renata Dalbora, José Manuel Lepeley and Josefina Trejo from IV Medio. The objective of the work was to implement musical games at recess to help school coexistence, including among them, 'Si se la sabe cante', 'Tocata musical' and 'Percussion'. They were presented during recess on Wednesday, April 20 and Thursday, April 21, with excellent attendance and enthusiasm from students from 2nd grade to 4th grade.

Group 3: "A unified community through play". Group formed by Maximiliano Küpfer, Abril Mussari and Elisa Ortolan from III Medio, Renata Acuña and Santiago Ramírez from IV Medio. This project sought to raise awareness and create a comfortable, healthy and united environment for all members of our Southland community, in order to be part of a unified, educated and egalitarian society for all. It was based on the essential question How could we, as a generation, break the pre-existing stereotypes of segregation in society?  The presentation was made by means of a giant twister, accompanied by a game of pairs between different courses to motivate knowledge among all students. This activity took place on Wednesday, April 27, with the participation of students from 7th to 4th grade, highlighting the positive attitude of the participants.

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Junior & Senior Book Week


During the week of April 18-22, we celebrated Book Week with many activities such as contests, book exchanges and and characterized book characters ending the week with a Costume Parade.

All classes decorated their doors as if they were real books, achieving a production that reflected teamwork, collective enthusiasm and a lot of creativity in the use of recycled material. Each class, together with their teachers, chose a book title or literary theme to decorate.

The winners for Decorated Doors Contest were:

In Junior:

- 2nd B  with their theme from the book “The Lion and the Mice”

In Senior:

- First place: I and with "Harry Potter" and III Medio with "Alice in Wonderland".

- Second place: II Medio with "The Little Prince" and IV Medio with "Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory".


Besides, Junior students had a very entertaining activity: the "Book Exchange", where each student brought a book to exchange for others. This activity was a great success as it brought together almost all the students from 2nd to 6th grade where they enthusiastically enjoyed choosing books on their favorite topics.


Senior students participated in the "Book face contest", in which many chose book covers to replicate with themselves included in the illustration. The winners of this challenge were: Renato Yañez from 7th grade, Alfonso García from 8th grade, Sofía Raggio from Iº Medio, Florencia de la Barra from IIº Medio and Constanza Alarcón from IIIº Medio.


Also, during the book week, students from III and IV medio English elective class, participated creating entertaining animated stories to be shared with Infant students, who enjoyed them very much, apart from being an excellent instance to practice English in a playful and entertaining way.

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Av. Las Condes 14672, Lo Barnechea, Santiago. Chile

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