Welcome to our school!

We begin a new school year deeply convinced that this will be a great chance for learning and growing, for you, your children and The Southland Community in general.

Our school has distinctive seals that make us feel proud of who we are and confident of our contribution to society. We have the conviction that a warm and loving environment facilitates learning, benefits social skills, models behavior and leads to the best achievements possible for each student. This context brings our students to their academic excellence in its broadest sense, incorporating cognitive, relational, value and formative areas in general.

We are a bilingual school from Pre-school to 6th grade of primary. We believe in the relevance of physical and sporting development. Giving opportunities to experience and deepen their knowledge in different areas of their interest is al so important so we offer a variety of extracurricular activities. Inclusion is in the core of our school project. We welcome students from various countries and we hope that they and their families feel like being in their countries of origin.

All this is possible thanks to the teachers and the administrative team who stand out for their commitment We are happy to receive students and be part of their 2020 formative and learning process.

Our best wishes for the entire community!

Claudia Cordano B.


Av. Las Condes 14672, Lo Barnechea, Santiago. Chile