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Educational Project


The Southland School Educational Project is the fundamental referent to educative, formative and administrative activities of this school.


It expresses our identity as an educational community, that seeks the comprehensive development of students as people committed with themselves, with others and their environment.


To fulfill its objective, the school has an organizational structure and people committed to their work. 


The Southland School is a coeducational private paid institution and bilingual from pre-school to sixth grade of primary, where sport is the fundamental point for values formation and disciplinary actions of our students.


We provide an education of excellence with active built-in technologies in classrooms to enhance skills and capabilities of each student, which requires a personal work and permanent commitment, where perseverance is essential in achieving the goals proposed.


Our educational processes rely on the Scientific-Humanistic curriculum that is open to develop knowledge and skills, through plans, programs and appropriate methodologies, and on the promotion of human values in each action of the educational sphere, which allows students to prepare for life and participate purposefully in society.



Our Fundamentals


To provide an education of excellence, in all its dimensions, enhanced to maximize our students’ abilities, demanding their commitment and dedication to achieve high-quality results that empower them to contribute actively to the society. For the foregoing, our activities will be evaluated permanently.


To enrich our educational practices, incorporating technology in the classroom to improve the educational process of each student, showing them the large amount of possibilities offered by a society increasingly digitized and preparing them for active participation in this new reality.


To promote sport as a fundamental point in the comprehensive development of our students, since through this, human being values of coexistence and essential skills are taught to apply them to daily activities within our school and throughout their lives.


To have an integration project that seeks to give access to formal education for children with special educational needs, generating an integrated school community that nurtures positively each of our students and teachers.


To be a secular school with Christian orientation, whose aim is to enlighten, support and accompany our students and their families in the path of life as people centered in human values and neighbors.

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