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So far in this second semester we have already carried out several sports activities in each of the disciplines we work in our workshops, which are Gymnastics, Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer.

We have had friendly matches in which great results were obtained, allowing us to recognize the excellent athletes we have, as well as to thank the commitment of parents with the school to take and accompany their children to the various activities.

In addition, we kicked off our new legacy called "TEACHERS' CUP" were IV Medio students faces in their last year a team of teachers. In this first year of our Teachers' Cup, the teams are playing coed soccer and volleyball and so far, the matches have had very even results. Every time a date is played, the school gets together around the game and everyone wants to be part of it either by supporting one team or the other, or as a spectator, keeping everyone in expectation of who will finally win the cup.

We are just beginning the last part of the year and we have many more activities scheduled until the end of the year, among them our participation in championships and leagues, in which we hope to achieve the best results.

We will continue to promote sports and physical activity among our students, so we will need everyone's support, as always. Let's go TSS!

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Afina Interschool Festival


This year the 12th version of the Afina Interschool Festival is being held, "Get your voice out for your school". The festival is sponsored by the Municipality of Las Condes, directed by the well-known actress Loreto Valenzuela and has as one of its main objectives to unite students from 7th to IV medio of Vitacura, Lo Barnechea and Las Condes districts around the song.

This year there were 180 participants in the castings that took place on August 25 and 26 and we are proud to share with you that our student Camila Bahamondes from 8th grade is among the 50 selected singers to be in the semifinals. Camila performed the song “Magnolia”, which we share with you here.

We wish Camila the best and we are confident that her talent will allow her to continue advancing to reach the final that will take place on November 29th at Teatro Municipal de Las Condes.

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2022 Be Kind Week


As we do every year in our school, during  August we celebrated our Be Kind Week. For a whole week we were able to reflect on what good treatment means, how it is reflected in our daily actions and what is our role as students and teachers in building and strengthening a culture of good treatment.

We had the opportunity to send messages of affection, recognition and encouragement to our classmates through a very special TSS postcard and we closed the week by reviving the tradition of breakfast, where the older classes prepared a healthy snack and an entertaining activity for the younger ones.

Thank you very much to everyone for participating with dedication and commitment in this Be Kind Week, making each activity a source of joy and pride for being part of this incredible community.

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100 Days of classes


On Wednesday, August 17, we celebrated with our students and teachers from Playgroup to 2nd grade the 100 days of school, an activity that commemorates the work done, the participation and learning experienced in the different subjects.

The spaces were set accordingly and students also participated with decorated capes that they created at home and that gave color and joy to a very special day.

We thank the families for their important support in this activity.

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English week


June 6th to 10th we celebrated English Week with the theme “English through music and entertainment”.

After a lot of preparation from students and teachers alike, we had a full week of performances and activities from all the levels at school. 

Infant level worked on Nursery rhymes and songs and learned about Incy Wincy Spiders and cows jumping over the moon. In Junior, each class represented an animated movie and prepared a song to perform. Senior had a writing competition where students were expected to draw inspiration from a photo taken from a TV series , and write a short story of exactly 100 words.

It was a very successful week and the results could be seen at the closing assembly on Friday June 10th, where each level was represented by their best performers.

See Infant photos & videos!

See Junior & Senior photos!

See Junior & Senior videos!


Sports encounters


In April we started our Sports Workshops in soccer, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics, where teachers, specialists in each of the disciplines, have been able to work with all students in the first instance. During the month of May we were able to participate in different friendly matches against other schools, which were very fruitful moments for our students since they were able to represent their school and develop important skills and values such as teamwork, responsibility and perseverance, among others. We will continue on this path of training and meetings, to further motivate our students to continue to excel and participate. The sports workshops are an opportunity for recreation and distraction, as well as a contribution to physical and mental health. We invite all our students to enroll in our workshops to share as a team and represent their school in upcoming matches.


Soccer: The Southland School vs Colegio Nuestra Señora de Loreto, in their field, Professor Camilo Lizama.


Gymnastics: The Southland School vs The Southern Cross School, in their gymnasium, Professor Benjamín Yarad.


Basketball: The Southland School vs Colegio Maimonides, in their court, Profesor César Cancino

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Students` Day 

Once again, we had the pleasure and privilege of honoring our students on their day.

Wednesday, May 11 was a day of entertainment, surprises, laughter and excitement from very early in the morning as we welcomed our students on Student's Day.


We started with the teaching and management team in costume, with our entrance hall set with decorations and music, all around the theme of Fairies, Wizards and Mimes. From the youngest to the oldest students of IV Medio we could see surprised, amazed and happy faces when they met all these characters.


Each class enjoyed a breakfast sent by the delegates, along with their teachers, who gave them gifts and personal messages of greetings, as well as showing them a video of greetings from all the adults who are part of the school.


We participated in an Assembly in which some Junior and Senior teachers dedicated songs and a mime show in which they gave them a little gift, while in Infant they presented an incredible choreography that the little ones enjoyed very much.


The Parents' Center was present with inflatable games for all ages, a photo booth that did not stop working capturing memories and to end the day, a Hot Dogs cart that was the delight of all. 


We can truly say that this Student's Day will remain in everyone's memory, especially because we were able to celebrate in person after 2 years in which we had to do it online.

See photos!

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Junior & Senior Book Week


During the week of April 18-22, we celebrated Book Week with many activities such as contests, book exchanges and and characterized book characters ending the week with a Costume Parade.

All classes decorated their doors as if they were real books, achieving a production that reflected teamwork, collective enthusiasm and a lot of creativity in the use of recycled material. Each class, together with their teachers, chose a book title or literary theme to decorate.

The winners for Decorated Doors Contest were:

In Junior:

- 2nd B  with their theme from the book “The Lion and the Mice”

In Senior:

- First place: I and with "Harry Potter" and III Medio with "Alice in Wonderland".

- Second place: II Medio with "The Little Prince" and IV Medio with "Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory".


Besides, Junior students had a very entertaining activity: the "Book Exchange", where each student brought a book to exchange for others. This activity was a great success as it brought together almost all the students from 2nd to 6th grade where they enthusiastically enjoyed choosing books on their favorite topics.


Senior students participated in the "Book face contest", in which many chose book covers to replicate with themselves included in the illustration. The winners of this challenge were: Renato Yañez from 7th grade, Alfonso García from 8th grade, Sofía Raggio from Iº Medio, Florencia de la Barra from IIº Medio and Constanza Alarcón from IIIº Medio.


Also, during the book week, students from III and IV medio English elective class, participated creating entertaining animated stories to be shared with Infant students, who enjoyed them very much, apart from being an excellent instance to practice English in a playful and entertaining way.

See Junior photos!

See Senior photos!



Infant Book Week

On the week of April 18th, we celebrated our Book Week 2022, milestone of great importance for our school, where we promote and highlight the importance of reading in the development of knowledge and as a tool in learning.

We had diverse activities like costumes day, doors competition, books exchange, parents storytelling, among others, achieving a great participation from our whole community.

See photos!



First Place in BMX race!


Our student Clemente Melhuish Tarres from I medio, participated in the BMX race held this past weekend, standing out in first place. Congratulations to Clemente for his tremendous achievement, and being an example of perseverance and effort! 

Watch video!



Diversity Week


Inclusion and diversity are at the core of our educational project and as such, the week of March 21st we celebrated our Diversity Week, where we celebrated that each of us is unique and different. We ended the week full of colors, where a different color was assigned to every class and we reflected on the importance of each one of us for our school and community. We hope to continue to have instances where we celebrate personal and community characteristics.



Day against Cyberbullying

As usual in our school, on Friday March 11th we commemorated the day against cyberbullying. It was a day where our students from playgroup to IVº Medio could reflect on good treatment, both between people in the real world and in the virtual world. We learned and reflected on how our messages in networks can have repercussions on others.

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First Assembly 2022



On Thursday, March 3, we held our first Assembly 2022, an instance that allowed us to meet as a school, get to know the new students and teachers and all those who are part of this community. We also welcomed a new school year that we are sure will be full of good times.


Last First Day of Classes Generation 2022

On Thursday, March 3, we received with great enthusiasm our beloved generation 2022. Together with their head teacher and the Formation Department, IVº Medio 2022 started their last school year with an activity with 1st grade where together they painted a picture about the first day of school and the school. Then they enjoyed a delicious breakfast with their head teacher, an opportunity to get to know him better. Finally, their last first day of school ended with the tie ceremony in the general welcome assembly, were students receive their distinctive ties of IV Medio.

See photos


First Day of classes

A day full of emotions was experienced by our students this past Wednesday, March 2nd , when at 8:05 am we started the new academic year 2022.
We saw them happy to meet with their classmates and friends after 2 years of online classes for some students, and with their new head teachers.
Each headteacher did different activities to get to know each other and meet again as a class. 
We wish all the success in the world to our students and hope that they give their best effort in this year that has just begun.

See photos


Infant Families Welcome

On Wednesday, March 2, we welcomed our infant cycle students in an activity with the families and misses, where they were able to get to know each other, visit the classrooms, playgrounds and begin a year full of experiences and learning.

See photos

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Welcome New Students

As is tradition in our school, on Monday, February 28th we welcomed our new students from 5th grade to IVº Medio . In this instance, teachers, cycle coordinators and the Formation Department participated. Students were able to get to know a little more about their classmates, teachers and school.


Av. Las Condes 14672, Lo Barnechea, Santiago. Chile

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