End of the semester Infant Cycle

On Wednesday, July 7, we ended the on-site activities of our first semester. As a cycle we had different activities to close a period of great experiences and learning, always with the necessary measures and care. The last week of classes our children closed the units works with show and tell, assembled their portfolios and received recognition for all the effort of the semester. We thank all the families for their commitment and we look forward to see you in the second semester with all our energy.

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English Week

The English Week could not be left out from our TSS school calendar, just like every year. English is one of our pillars so that our students become bilingual at the end of their trajectory in our school. Therefore, developing activities that require the use of English in other contexts rather than de classroom is essential since their abilities are tested and they connect to English from a different perspective.


The English Week program was in charge of a committee of teachers from Senior, Junior and Infant to ensure the adequacy of the activities for all ages and interests. Thus, this English Week was characterized by the students’ active participation. They had fun, were self-demanding to do their best, they showed-off their abilities, they were informed and all of this created an entertaining, meaningful environment around English.


The different grades were grouped around 3 English speaking countries – South Africa, The United States and England- and they learned about them. There was a variety of activities: Trivia Kahoots, Writing Padlets, costumes, decorating their work space, Senior students sent recordings with poems and stories to the little ones, Spelling Bees, Drawing Bees and more.


Congratulations to the whole community for this English Week dedicated to celebrate the relevance of acquiring and using the English language.

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Student Day

May 26th was a very special day!  Teachers and management staff woke up in our pajamas to welcome all our children with humor in their day. How emotional it was seeing their surprise, happy faces while we greeted them, had their photos taken and received a delicious snack to begin celebrating Students’ Day. There was all kind of fun: cinema and popcorn, outdoor activities, video games, online competitions, playground DJ and a shared snack in which teachers also gave presents to their students.  Parents’ Council sent a box of crunchie cookies to each student and teachers presented a Talent show that made everyone laugh. We celebrated a Students’ Day that was full of love for our children, keeping physical distance, but being close in our hearts as we always are in TSS community.

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Infant cycle Mother's Day Celebration


As Infant cycle we wanted to celebrate moms on their day.

Students practiced, songs, poems and prepared nice surprise gifts to thank them for all their love, support and concern. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms of our community !

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4th Grade Parents and Children Gathering


Generating spaces for conversation and reflection within each of our families is important for our school, this is why we developed the activity Parents-Children Gatherings.

Last Thursday, May 6th we had the opportunity of holding the 4th Grade Meeting, organized and led by their Head Teacher and the Formation Department.

It was a valuable and entertaining instance where families were able to reflect on their traditions, what makes them different and particular. Especially, they shared about their love for each other and how this love makes them stronger and protects them as a family.

We thank each one for attending the encounter and invite you all to continue growing on spaces for family conversation.

Infant Storytelling


As part of the activities of our  ̈BOOK WEEK 2021 ̈ we had the Infant section parents' participation, who surprised each class with entertaining stories, both in English and Spanish, showing important teamwork with their children. 

We thank each family for the enthusiastic preparation and participation in this important celebration.

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Book Week

How relevant Reading is in our lives! It opens a world of possibilities, connecting us with countless realities and sceneries, it awakes our imagination, curiosity and creativity. We celebrated reading with the Book Week, celebrating bilingualism as well, by having numerous activities both in Spanish and English. A group of teachers planned a week full of diverse activities for the whole community to participate according to their interests and options, in this way, we all got together around books and reading. We congratulate and thank each and everyone who made possible to bring this Book Week alive.

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Anti-Cyberbullying Day

Our community has always characterized by the respect way relating with each other and a good coexistence. On Friday, March 12th, we commemorated the "Day Against Cyberbullying" with different activities aimed at promoting reflection, awareness and empathy, all of which are essential skills to cope harmoniously with today's world.

Below we invite you to see some pictures of the activities carried out.

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First days of classes 2021

With great expectations, we began the new period of face-to-face classes at The Southland School. First, with Senior students, from 7th to IV medio, who with great joy came to their school to participate in all the activities together with the management team, teaching staff and administrative team. Throughout the week, Junior students from 1st to 6th grade and finally, Infant students, who on Thursday 4th participated in a fun family day.

Students, teachers and the whole school staff in general were happy to look into each other’s eyes, and start a new school year with enthusiasm and a positive mindset to face challenges,

The day was marked by a recognition of the classrooms, common spaces and information of the sanitary regulations that allow them to remain safe in their school as well as by everyone’s collaboration, according to each level, with the new way of participating in their dual classes, with classmates in the classroom and at home at the same time.

Above all, it was a meeting full of emotions shared with his friends, thus beginning an important student cycle, with all the skills learned in this time of pandemic.

Every day we will continue to advance and adapt the learning that this new way of relating with each other as an educational community presents, so that at the end of the road we come out stronger and more capable to face this world that is in constant movement and change.


We thank each of the families for their trust and we know that together we will have an excellent school year.

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IV Medio Graduation

In spite of the sanitary contingency, we were able to carry out the IV medio graduation, on site, on Thursday, December 3, complying with all the established sanitary requirements. Parents and guardians, school authorities, teachers and members of the Students’ Council attended the ceremony. The students’ relatives and friends, as well as other members of the Southland community, had the chance to see the ceremony through streaming and Google Meet.

It was a warm and emotional ceremony, in which through a slide show a tour of the school life of each student was made, important milestones and dates were shown, such as the study tour, school anniversaries and class activities, all of them moments that the students remembered with great joy.

Parents and guardians wanted to be part of this ceremony. On their behalf Mrs. Macarena Tarrés delivered a message of gratitude to the school and best wishes for the class. Also, they gave them a musical presentation by a cello and an acoustic guitar duet, who participated in several instances during the ceremony, including the students’ entrance and the emotive exit procession as alumni.

Our Headmistress, Mrs. Claudia Cordano, delivered a message recognizing their path and their values, wishing the generation success in the future and being as good persons as they are now. Their head teacher, Mrs. Paula Echeverría, dedicated some moving farewell words to her beloved children, expressing all her affection, how much she will miss them and reminding them to always count on her.

A long journey, full of memories and anecdotes about a very special class, our IV Medio, where each one, with their unique traits and qualities, was loved and respected by their classmates, teachers and the school community in general.

Without any doubts this 2020 was not an easy year, but they demonstrated that with perseverance and effort anything can be achieved.


Dear Class of 2020: your school lovingly says goodbye to you and reminds you that our doors will be always open, for each one of you.

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