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Cambridge Exams

The Southland School has been recognized as a Preparation Center for International Standardized Examinations of the University of Cambridge.

The validation of linguistic competence achieved through Cambridge English exams enjoys international prestige, and covers a varied field of academic and vocational topics designed for the international market.

Our students are faced with taking the following exams that are specified by level, which will be financed by parents and/or guardians, on a voluntary basis and for certain levels indicated below.

Exams according to level:

Senior :

7th grade students begin to prepare to take the B1 Preliminary, which is taken in 8th and 1st grade. This certification demostrates that students master the fundamental aspects of English and have the linguistic skills necessary for everyday use.

Students in I° grade prepare during the year to take the B2 First in grades II and III, which demonstrates that the student has the necessary linguistic skills to communicate in an English-speaking environment. It's also a great way to prepare for higher level exams, such as C1 Advanced.


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