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Drug use prevention talk

During the day of Monday, June 19, as part of the commemoration of the month of prevention in our commune, the students of I° medio participated in an enriching talk on the importance of preventing drug use. This event was attended by representatives of the Municipality of Lo Barnechea specialists in the subject.

In this talk, our students learned about the successful Icelandic prevention model and how it helped its youth population to reduce consumption through the resignification of healthy living, not only as a concept related to health, but also as a a protective factor in consumption, taking a percentage of consumption from 42% in young people aged 15 and 16 in 1998 to 5% in 2016.

At The Southland School, we care about the comprehensive training of our young people, always with the intention of providing tools and knowledge to prevent drug use. Promoting the importance of self-knowledge, assertiveness and sports practice as fundamental strategies in this process.


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