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First Assembly

After a rewarding resting period when we could share experiences in family, with old and new friends and have fun away from classes and work, we gathered around shared goals in our first TSS Assembly on Monday, March 6th, this time in our brand-new multipurpose field.

The whole school was aligned by classes from PK to IV medio, teachers were around the students, the management team stood in front of the students leading the assembly, janitors and administration team participated from the second floor facing the field.

Throughout the Assembly, new students and staff members were introduced and welcomed, yearly community goals were set, the school values were recalled and emphasized to everyone, thus, creating a feeling of belonging and shared track to direct our steps towards a meaningful, successful school year.

Generation 2023 students were recognized and were formally given their Seniors piocha that distinguishes them as the eldest in the school, being responsible for standing as positive models for the students community and worthy of our affection for being in their last school year.

Our Headmistress encouraged each and every one to play an active role in the achievement of their personal objectives as well as in the development of a solid community which stays united around respect, perseverance and responsibility.

Let’s all be part of a great 2023!


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