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Last First Day of IV Medio

On March 3rd, we celebrated the last first day of school of our IV Medio students. This was a very special day for the students of Generation 2023, as it marks the beginning of their final school year and heralds the end of their time at the school.

Upon entering through the Senior entrance, each student had the opportunity to take an

individual photo to remember this day and then with the complete grade and their Head Teacher, Miss Paula Echeverría.

Afterwards, they carried out an activity with the students of 1st grade, with whom they shared a moment of unity and companionship reflecting the beginning and end of school life.

Finally, they went to their classrooms to enjoy a delicious breakfast accompanied by their Head Teacher, where they were able to talk with her about their concerns, challenges and goals for this year.

We hope that our Generation 2023 achieves all their goals.

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