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PBL Open Day

During August 9th and 10th , Junior school had its PBL Open Day to show our parents the work done with the project methodology ABP (Aprendizaje Basado en proyectos ) or its acronym in English PBL (Project Based Learning). Throughout the month of June and part of July our students worked with inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and development of other soft skills. All this, aimed to present and expose specific topics such as: CHILEAN INDIGENOUS PEOPLE AND THEIR CULTURE, SPORTS OF OUR WORLD, SYMMETRY, HUMAN SYSTEMS and MODELS TO REPRESENT NATURAL DISASTERS IN CHILE.

We congratulate each of our students who showed not only knowledge on the subject, confidence in their presentations but also an outstanding command of English which was reflected in their fluency, wide vocabulary on the subject and spontaneity in their interventions. Congratulations to all !!


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