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Senior English Week

This year’s theme for English Day was ALL THINGS BRITISH. The monarchy, iconic symbols and places, all the pomp, grandeur, brilliance and splendor from this old historical continent.

To start off, in Senior some experts in tennis, golf, rugby and soccer from 8th and I Medio prepared some mini workshops for the infant level.

During classes we learned vocabulary of British vs American English as well as some general British Trivia

Senior had two main activities:

First, each class had to design a Coat of Arms that represents their class. Everyone made their individual proposal, and then they decided on one, or a fusion of proposals, for their class. There were 3 judges in charge of choosing a winning Coat of Arms. And the winning class is ………..


The second activity was to write the possible lyrics for the Southland School Anthem.

The winning and runner up lyrics will be studied by the school board to see if it can be used for our official Anthem. If that is the case, their name will go down in history as it will appear on the Anthem.

Special mention: Rosario Alarcon & Sofia Pizarro

Jose Domingo Guzman

Maria José Agar

Third prize Jacinta Gracia

Second prize Martina Balaguer

WINNER Benjamin Fuenzalida

English week 2023 was a humongous success thanks to the eager participation and hard work of all the students.


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