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Student's Day!

Every year all of us who work at the school look forward to the day we celebrate

to our students. The same thing happens to families, course delegates and the Parent's Center.

This year we celebrate with an enthusiasm and participation typical of a year that has recovered completely normal, after the pandemic.

We begin with the decoration of the entrance door and the teachers dressed as

Superheros. Then, an Assembly and a show prepared by the professors who left

impressed the students, taking the teachers out of the classic schemes. We continue with

an exquisite breakfast offered by the delegates of each course. From then on, the activities never stopped: In charge of the Parent Center, hamburgers, 360 Camera, inflatable and magician.

The teachers led a series of activities: musical chair, limbo, little ball inside

the stocking, empty the box, burns, crush the balloon, ping pong, movies, parlor games and

mathematics, that is, there were activities for all tastes.

What a spectacular Student's Day!


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