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The Southland School Student Center

On Friday, March 10, the first CETSS 2023 Assembly was held, in which the "E for Experience" list presented its work plan and deadlines in which we must decide as a community who will represent this important work this new school year.

This Thursday, March 23rd, the CETSS 2023 plebiscite will take place, in which all students from 5th grade to 4th grade will vote on whether or not they wish to be represented by the "E for Experience" list nominated at the end of last year. This civic exercise brings our students closer to an important right and duty that we have as citizens, to be responsible for choosing those who lead and represent us.

To this end, the students who make up the only candidate list for the Student Center 2023, have already begun working on a campaign that seeks to motivate the participation of all their classmates in this plebiscite, carrying as a banner three important projects, which aim to promote artistic talents, care for the environment and the importance of clear and timely information.

We are certain that this activity, which enriches us all, will be carried out with responsibility and enthusiasm by our educational community, especially by our students.

Thus, our CETSS 2023 was formed by:

Benjamín Fuenzalida Seriche

Valentina Chahuán Sanhueza

Laura Barros Vergara

María José Agar Sienkiewicz

Camila Bahamondes Cárcamo

Martina Balagué Valenzuela

Javiera Vivanco Finschi

Congratulations and plenty of success for our CETSS 2023!


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