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TSS in Cerrosound!

Last Friday, September 8, in the afternoon, the two bands of school students attended an activity to which the Nido de Águilas school invited them.

We have a band that was formed in 2022 and has: Francisca Ulloa from 6th grade on drums, Ignacio Arraño and Laura Barros both from IV medio on bass and Camila Bahamondes from I medio, who contributes her beautiful voice.

This year in the Thursday band workshop the band The Louders was formed with the participation of Sofía Pizarro from 8th grade, Antonia Geissbuhler and Ashley Kim from 7th grade and Francisca Ulloa from 6th grade.

It was an incredible experience in which they tested their ability and mettle to face the public. It is truly a pride for what they have achieved together with their teacher Francisco Valenzuela and without a doubt, we hope to see and hear much more.



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