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Last First Day of School for IV° Medio

Emotional Last First Day of School for IV° Medio at The Southland School 🎓✨

 On Tuesday, March 5th, our IV° Medio students experienced their final first day of classes in their school journey, undoubtedly a significant milestone marking the beginning of their life's vocational journey. This moment was accompanied by a special occasion of sharing with the little ones from 1st grade. Together, they participated in making friendship bracelets, uniting both generations in a gesture of friendship and connection. This gathering marked the start of a sponsorship project, where they will engage in more activities with 1st-grade students at various milestones throughout the school year. These bracelets symbolize the bonds that unite them as part of our TSS community. 💖👫 #LastFirstDay #GenerationalConnection #Sponsorship #TheSouthlandSchool"


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